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University of What it Is followup

It’s not that I’m tired of these, it’s that there isn’t much to say about new episodes without repeating myself.

I do have one new thing to say about this episode: Night Vale seems more violent now. They did learn their lesson about the bystander effect, but perhaps they learned it too well. They started attacking EVERYTHING now.

Little Spoiler here:

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Canonicity of Various Specials

Don’t worry, my post on he new episode is coming soon.

In the meantime, I was thinking about the continuity of the live shows. How do the stuff not on iTunes relate to the story at-large? Keep in mind I did not see The Librarian because the DC show was snowed out, so this is only for the live-shows I heard online. 

"Condos" had a debatable place in canon. After so many events were recycled into the actual show, I thought it could not be canon. Then "Numbers" directly referenced the events of the episode, and everything changed. Now "Condos" is definitely canon. The question is where. I place it between "A Beautiful Dream" and "Lazy Day", directly in the middle. 

It is never stated at what in-universe intervals Night vale takes place in. I think that even though we hear it bi-monthly, their schedule is daily or weekly. Episodes are mostly in order as we hear them, just occur more frequently. 

"The Debate" was easier to place. It has to be after "The Auction", as Marcus Vanston is present as a candidate. It’s also before the actual election, as Marcus is already n angel at this time. This could theoretically be anywhere in that time-frame, but I say it is directly after "A Story about Them". As it came online right before "Parade Day", and Kevin is in both episodes, it can be sandwiched between the two seamlessly. 

The one problem is Cecil does not recognize Kevin despite having a conversation with him in “the Debate”. But this is just a minor nitpick that does not diminish from my theory. 

The Thrilling Adventure crossover seems like it could not be considered canon, but there is one key event that makes this crossover seem plausible. 

SPOILERS: Dolores County resets the timeline to before the actual crossover took place. This way, it is as thought the two shows never met. The crossover could still have logically happened but not reset anything. 

As the “interloper” gag is reused in “University of Where it Is”, I place it right after that episode. Maybe even a day or so after. 

The ending was just silliness for the sake of silliness and is disregarded here. 

Just a thought. 




You know, the hooded figures don’t seem to mind Cecil talking about them. 

I got to thinking, and you know who else eats pizza, hangs out in dog parks and hates being acknowledged? 



ah yes, that explains why they hover several feet in the air and emit menacing staticky sounds

hey puberty wasn’t an easy ride for everyone ok