My name is Wesley Hunt, alias Dr. W.
Male/19/Virginia. You may know me if you were one of the ~200 people who saw Bane of Blades as the guy with the Axe.

There isn't much of a theme on this blog. But it is home to Night Vale Analysis and Music Time Capsules. Enjoy!

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I really want to make friends with you guys

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My questions:

1) Do you like wearing disguises?


2) Have you ever had formal dance training?

No .

3) Have you ever set any fires?


4) What’s the oldest book you’ve read (in terms of original publishing date)?

The Count of Monte Cristo 

5) Do you own a ring?


6) Can you whistle with crackers in your mouth?

Never tried. 

7) Choose one: Would you go to Hogwarts or Camp Half-Blood?

Hogwarts all the way! 

8) Oh, did you read anything today?

A Chain of Thunder. 

9) If you were ever in a situation like this, would you carry the ring to Mordor?

I’d gift it to someone else. 

10) Do you have any tattoos?


11) If there’s nothing out there, then what was that noise?

My bowel movements. 

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My Questions: 

Asgeir or Vance Joy (Google if you don’t know)?

Do you believe in ghosts? 

What mask power do you want? 

Favorite sport to follow? 

What would you rather hear: “I’m the Doctor” or “You’re a wizard”?

Do you remember the first time you used the Internet? 

Have you ever called in sick just because you didn’t feel like doing whatever that day? 

Would you rather have tentacles or wings? 

You have become leader of the free world. What is the first decree you pass? 

Have you had any experience with the theatre? 

What book has given you the best life experience? 

Episode 54

It’s not that I’m tired of doing these, it’s that I don’t have too much to say that I haven’t said already. 

Xenophobia? Here it is. 

I called Maureen’s return. We all did. 

Angels cannot be denied anymore, who’s to say what they could do. 

I think I played all my cards for this one. Good episode, but I got nothing. It would be better if you told me what YOU thought this time. 

BIONICLE 2015: MY Thoughts

So, I saw the news on BZP. 

You convinced me. I’ll bite. BIONICLE 2015 confirmed. 

But I though about it long and hard, and I am still not hyped. 

There is a very simple reason for this. 

It won’t be OUR BIONICLE. 

Search your feelings, you know this to be true! 

I think Greg even said awhile ago they’d start all over from scratch if a reboot were to occur. Now that it’s happening, it won’t be him around. There will be no more story of Spherus Magna. It starts from square one.

However, I am not the grinch here. I am merely apathetic. The Buddha code is roughly “expect nothing and you will never be disappointed”.

I’m not expecting nothing, I just won’t get my hopes up.

We built such a high pedastal for BIONICLE 2015 to stand on, ther’s no way it could possibly live up to those expectations. So I didn’t build a pedastal at all. I set it aside as its own thing. 

I’ll probably still follow the story, what little there is, but I will still respect tis is a new BIONICLE for a new generation. Like how Dallas on TNT is a remake of a show our parents watched, BIONICLE 2015 is a reboot of a toyline for today’s kids. Many are as old now as we were when BIONICLE began. 

Tl;dr—I’m looking for a fresh start and treating this as its own thing, and won’t be butthurt or flaming if BIONICLE does not justify our mountain of hype.   

The Theme from Space Dandy 


I’ve forgotten just where I came from

I have no idea where I began

It’s been so long I even forgot 

What it means to feel love like this again

(everybody come on!)

Life is like reflection for five minutes 

Why even bother living like this? 

You push me, but when happiness goes away

Sadness rules your new facade 

Sometimes you let your tears fly out with the energy of a shalula

Stars in the sky, and it’s easy to recall

We are only human after all!

Viva all your tears

May they overflow for me

You’ll never waste a good cry

I love you like this 

So don’t forget about your 


So go on, cry for me! 

Give me all your tears 

C’mon give me that emotion

Get knocked down, get right back up again

It’s okay! 

Let’s go together

It’s the best thing ever, you know

Your tears, are for me! 


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